VX Gaming Reinforced Series Mechanical Keyboard
November 7, 2018
VX Gaming Team Series Headset
November 7, 2018

VX Gaming Sniper Series Gamer Mouse


Each click counts when you’re sniping for your life!
The Sniper Series mouse is ideal for the gamer who requires high resolution accuracy ergonomics.

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LED: Multicolor LED lighting effect
Dimension: 121.3(L) x 84.5(W) x 40.5(H)
Weight: 180g ±5g
Button operating force: 100 – 120G
Polling rate: 125Hz
Acceleration: 8G
DPI range: 500/1000/1500/2500
Buttons: 8 buttons plus scroll wheel

Button functions:
“<” button: Back “>” button: Forward
Middle Scroll Wheel
Left Click
Right Click
“+” Button: DPI Increase
“-” Button: DPI Decrease
“x3” Button: Quick Fire

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